Bikaner City Tourist Places

Bikaner lies to the North West Of Rajsthan dating back to 1486 AD Rao Bikaji is the founding father of city . It houses the celebrate Deshnokh Temple the abode of the sacred white mouse that ushers good fortune .It is dotted with reclies of the glorious yester years and is also the seat of several holy shrines.

The Junagarh Fort , the Rajratan Bihari and Rasik Siromani Temple ,the Laxminath Temple

Places to visit in Bikaner city

1. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

Gajner wildlife sanctuary is home to a variety of fauna the most notable among which is the majestic black buck  like the Sariska wildlife sanctuary this place is one where you can take your own vehicle for safari by paying a fee .some other animal which can be spotted here include Nilgai,Chinkara,Wild Boar ,Imperial and grouse and peacock among others.
time to visit is 10 am to 5 pm

2. Junagarh Fort

Junagarh fort which was completed in 5 years with this new citadel .Bikaner Shifted to its present location .The red Sandstone fort lies at the centre of Bikaner .At first glance ,it appears to be low mass of buildings which though impressive , do not exactly have a majestic mien . but in an almost flat country surrounded by shifting sand , the royals could hardly find a naturally imposing site .Enter through its stone elephant flanked  gates , past the hand prints of Rani's who's live were forced to culminate in sati ,and you come to the impressive ceremonial courtyard where you get the first glimpse of the architectural treasures of Junagarh.
Time to visit is 10 am to 4.30pm

3. Lallgarh palace

The building of Lallgarh palace by Ganga Singh ,He named it after his father maharaj Lall Singh. It advertised Ganga Singh endouver to make Bikaner more robust economically and was a link with a traditions of the past .The plan was drafted by sir swinton jacob the foremost architect of yearly 20 th century .A Huge but compact palace Lallgarh is built entirely of Red sand stone.
Visit time is 10 am to 5 pm.