GENERAL KNOWLEDGE’: “MAHARASHTRA”— Extremely valuable for MAHARASHTRA Public Service Commission (MPSC) and Other State Level Exams 

Maharashtra situated on the West Coast of India, is the second biggest state as far as populace and the third biggest regarding territory. The name Maharashtra; first showed up in a seventh century engraving and in the record of xuanzang, a Chinese explorer around then during that early period the domain establishing the present-day territory of Maharashtra was partitioned between a few Hindu realms: satavahana; vakataka, kalacuri, rashtrakuta, Chalukya, and yadava. A progression of Muslim lines managed after 1307 Persian, the court language of the Muslims had an expansive impact on the Marathi language. Maharashtra is luxuriously supplied with in different Minerals of mechanical significance like manganese, coal, iron metal, limestone, copper, bauxite, silica sand and regular salt. Cotton material industry is the biggest and the most seasoned industry in the state. This book involves the total investigation of Polity, Economy, craftsmanship and Culture, schooling, language, and so on It is intended to cover the whole sections to move toward the feeling of the specific themes from the assessment perspective. This book 'be expert of your state' has been briefly in its methodology and formed appropriately for making progress in the assessment.